Gun Control Compromise?


It appears republicans have begun to agree that background checks are not necessarily “gun control” but is simply ” common sense”. The matter of the issue is that the compromise holds several loop holes that will render it worthless in the eyes of gun advocates, thereby achieving nothing. The discussion also leads into the fact that private gun sales from sellers who do not have gun sale licenses cannot be monitored or forced to do background checks on account of their illegality.

Well, of course you cant monitor all illegal sales, that should go without saying. The bill is set to include sales at gun shows, yet no transference between  family and friends. Now we just have to hope most people have the common sense not to hand guns to their mentally unstable friends and family, shouldn’t be too much to ask of the American people, right?

Daily Beast Article

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Bill To Be Voted On

gun america

In the upcoming week the Senate will consider a compromise bill to expand the current background check system for gun purchases. Check the voting lay out here.

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“The See a Shrink and Loose Your Guns Bill”?

Bipartisan gun control plan ‘not a cure’

Check out this interview from CNN’s The Lead.

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Conservatives Love Her

15-year-old Sarah Merkle argues in front of Maryland State Legislature that laws toward gun control would not prevent violence, claiming that people are the issue. Read Here.

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We Are Not The Same?

Michelle Obama has become a new icon in the current battle for gun control. Recently Michelle Obama And Rahm Emanuel Discuss Youth Violence In ChicagoMrs. Obama made an emotional remark involving the murder of “Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old who was murdered a week after performing in Washington during President Barack Obama’s inauguration.” In the article, she made the plea that Pendleton “was me, and I was her”. Children like Pendleton have not been the focus in the media, but rather the tool being used to take the life of the individual. Situations like these have never been prevalent in the news and have only come to light because of the gun debate and gun control believers need more fuel for their fire to take away a fundamental right from the people.


Michelle Obama, you are not like the rest of us. Obama claims that she is using “common sense” reform to prevent guns from being on the streets. She makes these claims while being behind the protection of the Secret Service with guns. High officials in the government, including the President, are fighting hard to take weapons away from individuals who want to protect themselves, yet he is protected by men with high powered rifles and handguns. Protection should be equal for every individual and the President obviously knows the benefits of weapons if he needs them for himself. It is unjust use of power and promotes the “You can have it, but because I’m important I can have it.” America was built on the foundation of equal rights for all. So we should be able to maintain weapons in order to maintain our safety.

View Michelle Obama’s Speech Here

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Where We Stand!: A Summary of Our Arguments

imagesThroughout the entirety of our blog, we have brought forth key points to summarize our argument about gun policy debate with important facts, insight and examples. America is currently in a media craze, we are being bombarded with every simple issue which deals with a gun violence case. These events are tragic, however do no represent the possible future of what our country could be with gun reform which influences more pro-gun laws with background checks rather than a standstill of “in-between policies”. Our Affirmative arguments have provided these important elements of why our government should not impose gun control: It infringes on our basic rights stated in the Second Amendment, eliminating firearms does not promote general public safety, the dangerous culture around guns can be changed as the “Austin Gun Culture” article represents, and Kennesaw, Georgia provides America with specific data on how allowing firearms for all, with forcing preventable background methods, is the best, safest and most fair choice for all.31964090
“People Kill People, Not Gun” is our beginning argument that guns are not the primary reason behind the violence in America. The gun is only a tool when in the hands of everyone, creates a very safe environment for citizens. Also, gun control in any form infringes upon our Second Amendment rights. Our fundamental rights, as stated in the constitution, allows all citizens to bear arms and is a foundation for our democratic principles as Americans. These laws being proposed in various states only lead to more basic rights being changed based on the agenda of those in office, rather than maintaining the integrity of what our nation was founded under. Criminals will find ways to gain weapons in any system and allowing everyone to have guns will provide everyone with the protection.
stupid Safety is biggest concern for our opposition. They use cases in which innocent people are killed to enhance their argument. It is tragic to see innocent people to die from criminals, however restriction does not equal safety. Guns are used by police and policing organizations to prevent crazed individuals from committing horrendous acts. The actions displayed by criminals are not caused by the gun, but the individuals themselves. “To Ban Are Not To Ban” argues why allowing everyone to have weapons promotes a countermeasure which would scare them away from the action in the first place. Criminals will obtain weapons outside the law in any circumstance, but its important for everyone to be able to protect themselves especially in a domestic situation. We completely agree with restrictions on sales to certain individuals through background checks. However, everyone should be able to protect themselves equally as the government does to protect. If President Obama can receive protection with countless secret service officials with guns, citizens should be able to protect themselves too.

A possible future for safety laws?

A possible future for safety laws?

The culture surrounding guns is a large reason for the created fear around the weapons. “Austin’s Gun Culture” presents a current example of how American culture can be changed to promote safe conditions and a respect for guns because it is already in practice in many cities across the country. Discretion is key in allowing citizens to carry weapons as long as they provide their permit. Guns are seen as a respectable form of protection which creates a safe environment where these individuals go. This shows how people can live with guns. Criminals will be less likely to break the law when they know there are policing and warning measures all around them. Children grow up in these environments and learn how to use them properly which leads to less violent acts with weapons in the future. Hand guns should be allowed to be carried in public while concealed, while other more powerful weapons be held within the home. The media is looking through a completely wrong frame when it deals with weapons. With time, pro-gun laws will provide a better environment for future generations to come.
f4445826-0b24-447d-a4f8-d94edfdcefcf-slide1.aA model for pro-gun laws is present in Kennesaw, Georgia, which provides the best option for how laws should be shaped. This city boasts the lowest crime rate in the country and this is due to allowing everyone to arm themselves with a weapon. Not only is everyone allowed to have a weapon, they can carry it in public as long as it does not fire and it is concealed. Also, they are progressive in that they provide preventive measures for the sales to the mentally disabled or those with health/violence risk. Everyone is required to have a permit. This shows a perfect example of what we are arguing. This city shows proper use of weapons in a pro-gun culture, which provides equal right to all and has the lowest crime rates in the nation.
We consider ourselves progressive in providing basic American rights while improving laws to allow a safety environment for all people. Through universal access to weapons, a positive gun culture can be created to make our country safer and promote proper use of weapons for our children. Restricting weapons does not provide safety and If all adults are able to carry weapons, horrendous news stories we see in the news could have been prevented. Background checks are needed for all sales and the government need to crackdown the illegal sales in the secondary market. Through these changes and laws we can all hope to live in the comfort and safety like those in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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SNL Mocks Slow Progress

SNL decided to make a sketch based on the almost nonexistent progress of passing gun control laws. Pretty cheeky but they do have a point.


Check It Here

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